60 million less smartphones than expected. Such a pessimistic forecast reduction of supply managers make Huawei, writes Bloomberg. And that’s a lot, reducing by about a quarter. For comparison, last year the company shipped about 200 million devices.

Users scared: are the Google services and the operating system. Although at the end of may, the U.S. government granted the company a temporary license for a period of 90 days, which allows you to maintain the device — the demand has fallen. At least, not even the seller in a small kiosk on the “crust” remarks recently to ask Huawei buyers almost stopped.

— Decreased Yes.

Strong, sharply it happened?

— Enough, Yes. The last time do not ask Huawei, before even asked.

— And would prefer that we take, basically?

Well, Xiaomi replaced Huawei.

— Most likely, it is connected, now, with these news, right?

Well, most likely Yes. People are probably afraid.

Although the official shop of Huawei in Russia assure that everything is still good.

— All products introduced in the civil turnover on the territory of the Russian Federation, including in the imported, sold or stored in the warehouse, will not be affected by sanctions.

— And the future of the party may be affected?

— We have no such information.

— Do people take? Decreased demand?

— Go to our website. You will see that we have a lot of phones. Now came a new model Honor 20. A lot of gifts on the website. As we acquire enough phones, devices, make orders.

— That is not afraid of people?

— No, pre-orders go. It’s all good.

On the other hand, China is like calm: no response on sanctions yet. Perhaps because there is an understanding of: measures against Huawei can hit and American technology giants, which use the development of Huawei. Thus, the American manufacturers of microchips has asked the U.S. Department of Commerce to partially lift the ban on Chinese corporations. How to hurt American business, says blogger Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov:

Valentin Petukhov, blogger, founder of the YouTube channel Size “the Apple-specific technologies and products, Huawei does not use in their devices. But Huawei, for example, is the holder of patents on technology 5G. Is sufficiently large patent portfolio, which is common among the major players in the market. And they all probably of a certain model fairplay distributed between them all from each other is used. But if you start a trade war in this, the wider, large-scale wave — it is likely that Huawei, as a company, can put a spoke in the wheel for their patents. And, from the point of view directly themselves for some details, Huawei — a company that, unlike the Samsung — does not have divisions for the production of memory, or any other components. So, here they affect the market can not”.

While Huawei predicts that because of the sanctions the United States will lose the potential revenue growth of $ 30 billion. Probably the company’s sales in the next two years will not grow and will remain at around 100 billion. Huawei recognizes that it does not expect such significant damage. But as stressed by the head of the company Ren Zhengfei: “We are strong. To destroy us completely out.”

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