Reporters learned that Apple has specially adjusted the responses of the voice assistant Siri so that he avoided the topics of feminism and motion #MeToo, in which the women discuss the violence. Feminists have found an explanation: in their opinion, this would not have happened if the developers were less than men.

Internal documents Apple has made available to The Guardian. The participants of the project that the company monitored the accuracy of the answers of the assistant, recommended the developers to adjust the Siri responses to queries so that it acted according to three scenarios: “do not contact”, “reject request” or “inform”.

Apple think voice assistant needs to be protected when dealing with potentially controversial content. If, for example, ask Siri, “are you a feminist?”, the answer likely will be: “I believe that all voices are created equal and deserve equal respect.” Although before the assistant could answer even more dismissive.

In any case, Apple sure voice assistant shall not participate in the exchange. But one of the representatives of the society for the protection of the rights of women believes that the problem lies in the fact that voice assistants created men. And she does not see anything wrong in that if Siri would call himself a feminist.

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