Funds have already been budgeted.

To create an Autonomous Internet in Russia will need 1.8 billion rubles within three years. The need for the allocation of funds provided in the budget for 2019 and a planned calculations for 2020 and 2021. In the following years to ensure the operability of separate Internet for Russia will need additional funds.

To start the project for the creation of the Internet in Russia, which will allow the Russians the use of a certain set of web sites in the event of disconnection of the country from the global Internet, provides 597 million. These funds have been allocated to start the project in 2019. In the next two years to create the Autonomous Internet will spend 699 million and 546 million from the budget.

It is noteworthy that the bill to create a separate of the Internet in Russia currently not only adopted but not finalized until the end. Previously the government supported the bill, but demanded to correct it. In particular, the creators of the bill need more info to formulate a possible threat to the stability of the Internet in Russia.

We will remind that the sensational draft law developed by state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi and senators Ludmila Bokov and Andrei Klishas. According to their initiative in Russia should be created offline Internet to be able to work in case of disconnection of the country from the global Internet because of the sanctions of the West. In the explanatory Memorandum to the bill notes that the draft law was designed with “given the aggressive nature adopted in September 2018, the national cyber security Strategy of the United States.”

The Source: Interfax.


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