The combined company “Coherent | Euronetwork” has analyzed the sales of smart set-top boxes in the Russian market in 2018. From January to December last year, sales in this category in comparison with the 2017 year increased by 82% in quantity terms and 88% in monetary terms.

In total, 2018 sold 133 thousand smart set-top boxes for a total of about 830 million rubles. The average cost of such a device amounted to 6.2 thousand rubles. Leader pieces became a Chinese Xiaomi, which accounted for 29% of all units sold, in second place is Singapore Rombica c 21%, Apple in third at 19%.

Most popular smart yet with wireless charging become Apple TV 4K Xiaomi Mi Box 3.

Vice President, sales “Coherent | Euronetwork” David Borzilov said: “the growing popularity of smart consoles is because those consoles allow the ability to turn any TV into a modern multimedia device with all the functions and services of Smart TV. Last year, the greatest growth was in the console from Xiaomi, the pieces they have grown in 5 times, the money — in 4,3 times in comparison with 2017 year. This year we expect an increase in demand for smart set-top boxes from Apple in connection with the launch of the streaming service Apple TV Plus”.

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