The combined company “Coherent | Euronetwork” has analyzed the sales of smartphones with wireless charging function on the Russian market in 2018.

From January to December last year, sales of smartphones with wireless charging compared to the 2017 year increased by 48% in terms of units and 131% in monetary terms.

Total at the end of 2018, has sold 2.2 million smartphones with wireless charging function, totaling more than 130 billion rubles. The leader in units was Apple, which accounted for 66% of all units sold, in second place is Samsung c 30%, at the third Huawei — 3%.

The most popular smartphones in Russia with a wireless charging iPhone become 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Vice President of sales of the United company of Coherent | Euronetwork David Borzilov stressed: “the Average cost of a smartphone with wireless charging in last year was 59.3 thousand Explosive growth of sales of smartphones with this feature stems from the fact that today all manufacturers equip their flagship models filling for the wireless transmission of energy. During the year, the largest increase showed the Apple. Sales of smartphones with wireless charging this brand has grown 3.7 times.”

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