For those who want to get maximum pleasure from listening of music of different genres, crucial device that will cope with the task of creating a unique atmosphere will show the difference of frequencies and will last for years. Today, our review covers two products, the company FiiO headphone FH5 and the player model M9, which will help you new way to experience your favorite music.

Player FiiO M9
Design: This model of player — a logical continuation of the line of FiiO products, to preserve their best features. The emphasis is on compactness, although the player is shaped like a small phone that easily fits in your pocket. Its weight is only 133 g, and the main difference from the previous model — rounded sidebar, which contains all the controls and a slot for memory cards. The player is made in two versions — silver and black design with aluminium inserts. All connectors are framed by gilded rings, and logo marked by white print. The icons on the keys are convex, and thus will not fade with time and it may be easily distinguished by touch. On the left side is the power button, playback, navigation, slot for memory card and volume control. You can configure them in the system, blocking certain keys when the screen is off. Player comfortable to hold in your right hand — I never had a chance to accidentally press the button and down to settings that easily happens with other devices. All models have two headphone jacks and a 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm. In the presence of a port for charging USB-C.

Screen: Capacitive screen is 3.2’. The angle stored with a slight inclination due to the excellent flat glass, though not remove him from me and failed, too tight frame. Excellent image accuracy, high speed response — a significant advantage that distinguishes this model from players of the previous generation. Connection: You can control the M9 remotely via Bluetooth connection. For this you need to install the FiiO Link. M9 also supports Wi-Fi and AirPlay, with which you can easily send tracks from your iPhone directly to the player, which means you can use Apple Music or other streaming services. This is not highly enough for all those devices that I’ve used before, and the advantage I think is one of the most valuable in the FiiO M9. Another interesting feature: the player can act as a Bluetooth transmitter, that is, if its connected to your laptop, M9 can begin to play the music that is included on the device. Battery: the model uses Li-polymer battery capacity of 2350 mAh. The battery life is 9-10 hours, but charged it only 2 hours. In sleep mode the player can be in for 45 days, which is significantly more than other models in the series. Memory: Internal memory is not so much a is 2 gigabytes, but due to the available SD card slot in the device you can add 128 GB of great music. And by connecting via Wi-Fi you can easily stream player favorite content from the streaming services. Packing: it Is necessary to pay attention to the perfect packaging of the player: comes with a USB-C cable for charging and connecting with PC and silicone case. Manufacturers have not forgotten about coaxial Converter, user manual and warranty documents. The player definitely has a protective film. Learn the detailed specifications→

Headphones FiiO FH5
Form: FH5 have a rather unconventional design. It is somewhat reminiscent of wave on the front panel of the player F9, but since each model FiiO is significantly different from the other, and these headphones look original and modern. In addition, thanks to a Golden frame, they acquire a complete and rich look. The headphone have a great fit and the producers did not strive for versatility and created a product that can adapt to most forms of the human ear. The device sits firmly in the ears and isn’t uncomfortable even after prolonged use thanks to the ergonomic design of the housing. No extraneous noise and conversations of others in the crowd — with a properly chosen ear pads, I was easily able to concentrate fully on the music. Sound: From the first seconds of listening, it becomes clear that the FiiO company is not committed to sound neutral, trying to provide volume and full sound. The range is not very wide, but all the sounds and instruments clearly separated. Especially recommend to try the tracks with string instruments, which sound quite realistic. You will easily notice the clarity of drum cymbals the way to the kick drum sticks than can seldom brag of in-ear headphones.

FH5 sound good on smartphones with special sound chip, but in order to maximize the potential, of course, is to use them with the FiiO product line M9. This set is perfect for listening to rock music, jazz and EDM, and thus, perfect for all discerning music lovers. Packing: FH5 comes in a stylish black box. To some it may seem that it is too large for such a small device, but it holds a lot of accessories. The earphones themselves with beautiful translucent cable sheath of thick fabric, balanced tips distributed in size S/M/L, and three pairs of seals. In addition, the bundle includes a special cleaning brush — not every manufacturer can boast of such care for the buyer. Headphone cable really inspires confidence: it is made of four stranded conductors with a translucent coating and feels sturdy enough and protected from tears and creases. Learn the detailed specifications→

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