Tonight the developers have made available a seventh beta version of iOS 13, and some have already look into the code a new test build where and found a direct allusion to the date of the announcement of the new iPhone.

According to the authors resource iHelp BR, in files new test build iOS 13 hidden image called HoldForRelease. At first glance, in the picture there is nothing remarkable. However, the icon “calendar shows” unusual date – September 10. It is believed that on this day, the cupertinos will present their new smartphones.

It is worth noting that in the past, network sources have already reported this date. Moreover, similar information has appeared from several sources. For example, the French edition iPhonesoft learned the date of the announcement of the new iPhone from its source inside Apple, and the authors of the 9to5mac calculated it based on the dates of the previous Apple presentations.

As for the launch date, but now almost all agree that the new Apple smartphone will be on store shelves just ten days after the official announcement – September 20.


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