In the event a hacker in Shanghai a team of information security experts Tencent Security X-Lab demonstrated how in 20 minutes you can use the fingerprints on the glass for hacking smartphones.

The team leader Chen Yu took a picture left on the glass fingerprints on your smartphone. Then processed the data in a special application. Version of the material is fingerprint ready in 20 minutes.

The researchers did not disclose details of the process, so as not to endanger other people. Chen Yu said to do a similar trick will require special equipment costing about 1,000 yuan ($140).

X-Lab claim that first broke the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, as well as two other common type used in smartphones: capacitive and optical sensors. They also managed to circumvent the protection of special devices for reading fingerprints. Such, for example, apply to the locks instead of electronic passes.

Chen Yu advised users not to panic over it, but it is best to never leave their fingerprints.

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