After yesterday’s presentation, the journalists of the reputable Western publications had the opportunity to meet with Apple new products a closer look. In particular, they had the opportunity to try out iPad Pro 2018, and to evaluate the convenience and speed of the new Apple tablet.


In a nutshell, when you first look at the new iPad there is only one thought – I Want! However, until recently, to change the iPad Air 2 on something new was not much point – the tablet worked well, especially after upgrading to iOS 12.

It is difficult to say whether the new iPad Pro to compete with the 12-inch MacBook or 13-inch MacBook Air, but the potential of the novelty is definitely there. It seems that Apple is finally realized in what direction it needs to develop its own tablet computers.

Another thing – the price. For the basic version of iPad Pro with Face ID cupertinos forgive 799 dollars. And many users may wonder about the advisability of such a purchase. In addition, many are using Apple’s tablets not so much to create as to consume content.

At the moment the iPad Pro 2018 looks very interesting. But the high price puts this device into the category of gadgets for professionals who can not only spend a considerable sum on a new tablet, but will use all of its features.


The new iPad Pro looks great and are comfortable in the hands. And this applies to both 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions. But the important thing is that the new tablets do not look huge.

Looks good and a new Liquid Retina display. The picture on it is very bright and contrast. At first glance, the screen in the new Apple tablet is not inferior to those installed in the previous iPad Pro.

But most impressive is the hardware. The device is fast, very fast. However, without software that will completely unlock the iPad Pro 2018 new tablet remains expensive toy. Of course, Adobe and several major companies have already announced the preparation of a coolest apps, but not enough.


It is difficult to say whether the new iPad Pro replacement MacBook. However, some progress in this direction is definitely there. But more specifically, they can speak only after a full test.

A few amazing looks like Apple’s rejection from the headphone Jack – the decision is rather controversial than comfortable. The transition from Lightning-to-USB-C looks more interesting. However, it should be remembered that it is not Thunderbolt 3, as a new Mac.

Separately, a new accessories is the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard. Apple stylus second generation looks interesting: it fits securely on the side of the tablet is charged wirelessly and allows you to better interact with the iPad. The keyboard also leaves a positive impression, but most importantly, it is suitable for portable use.


The new iPad Pro looks very interesting. Thus the first thing which attracts attention is the screen with relatively thin frames. Don’t forget about high performance.

Most issues arise in connection with the decision of Apple to remove from its new tablet 3.5 mm headphone Jack. For several years cupertinos talked about how professional DJs and musicians use their tablets in their work, and now suddenly remove the headphone Jack.


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