After the September presentation most attention attracted new flagship phones of Apple. Journalists of major Western media tried to first assess the capabilities of the product and see how reality looks unusual triple camera, introduced in iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.


While the iPhone 11 is more improved version of the XR iPhone, new iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max different from its predecessors not only slightly more powerful hardware and better camera. One of the interesting features of “prošek” is the screen, the maximum brightness can reach 1200 nits. This parameter iPhone 11 Pro outperforms all mobile devices and almost compares with HDR TVs.

As for the main camera, then all is not quite clear. The test images look really very good. However, the reality may be somewhat different. While it is too early. In addition, the camera module looks unusual and even somewhat controversial.

The Verge

Externally, the new iPhone looks more interesting than the iPhone Xs. Last but not least due to the fact that Apple decided to use on the rear panel of frosted glass. Although in some cases it can be even more slippery than glossy. And this must be taken into account. In the framework of the presentation of the representatives of the company were focused on the strength and durability of the coating.

Camera on the back surface does not look perfect. However, if viewed from a technical point of view iPhone 11 Pro is able to capture great images. While to evaluate all features of the camera is impossible. However, judging by the number of settings and the Camera interface, then Apple came to the issues with photo and video capabilities of their new flagships.

Despite the fact that Apple has paid attention to the screen much of a difference between displays of iPhone Xs iPhone 11 Pro is not noticeable. Now, however, many are more concerned beyond the brightness of the screen and the device’s performance and battery life.

Overall, on first impressions iPhone 11 Pro looks quite good.


At first acquaintance it is not easy to notice differences between screens of the iPhone Xs iPhone 11 Pro. It is also difficult to find a difference in performance. But, what is more striking is the finish of the case. The decision of Apple to interesting. In addition, the emergence of a new low-key colors in the palette of available colors seems timely and right.

The most important and major innovation iPhone 11 Pro is undoubtedly the camera. To talk about the quality of the pictures is still too early to press-stands to check the cameras just anywhere. However, a large number of different settings and modes gives hope for very good results.

At this stage, iPhone 11 Pro looks quite interesting. However, to call them revolutionary is impossible. On first impressions they look like a transitional link. If you believe the rumors, then the major releases and innovations Apple has in store for next year. While the cupertinos can assess the reaction of users to the iPhone 11 Pro and understand what exactly consumers expect from their vehicles.


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