According to tradition shortly after yesterday’s presentation, journalists of major Western media had the opportunity to make a first impression about almost all Apple updates. For example, in the case of iPhone 11 many paid attention primarily on the main camera. Looking ahead, we can say that almost all of the journalists noted the increased quality of the images.

The Verge

The main feature of the new iPhone 11 is the main camera, which now consists of two 12-megapixel modules. The cupertinos not just built into a smartphone even one lens, but modified software, making relatively “budget” iPhone started to shoot even better.

Also, you can select new colors. Although this year they don’t look as interesting as it was the case with the iPhone XR. Oh and don’t forget about the faster CPU and increased autonomy. While any conclusions too early. But at first glance, the machine is quite good.


iPhone 11 looks like a worthy replacement for iPhone XR. The new Apple smartphone allows you to take really high quality pictures. Of course, to fully test the camera in a variety of conditions is now impossible. However, the examples taken with the iPhone 11 pictures, look really good.

Can 11 iPhone become so popular, like its predecessor, is difficult to say. It is not excluded that it will buy very well. It is also worth remembering that the iPhone 11 is currently one of the most affordable of Apple’s smartphone.


For many iPhone XR was one of the top Apple smartphone last year: the best of big and with good battery life. Yes, he certainly was not perfect. But it was good.

In fact, this year Apple just continued to improve iPhone XR. iPhone 11 is quite powerful and functional device that has all the main chips, and it is significantly cheaper than the flagship iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max.


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