Singer Zivert will give a big solo concert in Nizhny Novgorod. 24 Oct spectacular brunette and attract many music charts charge infinite energy Milo Concert Hall, performing their major hits.
6 April 2018, the release of the debut EP Zivert — young artist of the label “First Music”. “Shine” is such a concise and life-affirming the name given to a mini-album, which included 4 singles: “Still want”, “the Green wave”, “Shine” and “Ocean”. Zivert also became known to a wider audience after the release of two incendiary singles “Chuck” and “Anesthesia”.

The current year began for the artist arc: her song “life” broke into the top 10 of two major digital services: Apple Music and iTunes

Tickets: from 1000₽

Photo: archive of the organizers

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