There’s no hurry.

Apple delayed the launch of the first iPhone-enabled networks of the fifth generation. iPhone 5G modem will be released until the end of 2020 due to production difficulties at the chip supplier, Intel. Despite this, analysts from research company IDC believe that this will not be a problem for Apple.

Apple cannot release the iPhone with support for 5G before the fall of 2020, insiders told Bloomberg. According to them, 5G modems Intel, which Apple intends to use in a future iPhone, there are serious shortcomings. Intel will fix them only to the end of 2019.

To use the services of another leading chip maker, Qualcomm, Apple can’t because of the ongoing judicial conflict between the two companies. In this regard, Apple will release the first smartphone with support for 5G later than their major competitors.

Analysts IDC believe that Apple should not worry about it. According to forecasts, even in 2023 the proportion of 5G smartphones in the world will be only 26%. Experts argue that the proliferation of fifth generation networks and devices with support for them will be very slow. The reasons are the increased cost of smartphones with support for 5G and the lack of infrastructure for implementation of fifth generation networks everywhere.

Apple is right not to hurry with the equipment of iPhone modem support 5G, experts say. It is noteworthy that other manufacturers already presented and prepared to launch the first smartphone with 5G modems. However, at the moment, the world is not running any commercial 5G network. To access the Internet at increased speeds with their smartphones, which in theory support 5G, users will not be able.


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