Presenting iPhone XS Max, Apple continued the tradition of expanding displays and branded vehicles, which starts in 2014. Since then, the iPhone not only rose to the level of the MacBook Pro, but also largely due to the manufacturer again began to be perceived as something exclusive and only available to a limited circle of persons. However, price iPhone XS Max is not something on which we should focus, says columnist 9To5Mac chance Miller, who said that the smartphone boasts other, more memorable features.


iPhone XS Max doesn’t look huge, says Miller. Apple managed to fit 6.5-inch display in the chassis, which turned out to be even smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. Due to this transition with a 5.8-inch iPhone X was not a shock. The only thing that caused complaints in the early days, was the size of keyboard iPhone XS Max, which considerably increased, even in comparison with the previous generation of smartphones.

However, the use of the iPhone XS Max with one hand, most people still do not succeed. Not to say that controlled with a smartphone has become more complicated than with the iPhone X, but to reach for the control will not be many, Miller says. On the other hand, the iPhone XS Max is the smartphone that is best worn in case. Thanks to it you won’t even have thought to start using the device with one hand.


Strangely, many apps compatible with iOS 12, still do not support a 6.5-inch display. For this reason, interface elements, some programs on the iPhone screen XS Max stretch and look not as much as I would like the owner of the smartphone with the best OLED matrix on the market. However, when the developers bother to optimize their software to work with the new product will be much easier.


An important innovation that is available to owners of iPhone XS and XS Max, is a hand — held controller bokeh effect. Thanks to him, the user can in real-time to blur the background as much as is necessary, not shifting all the work on automation, which is often wrong. So the pictures are more alive and natural, not sinning with excessive blur.


Despite Apple’s claims that iPhone XS Max can work up to one and a half hours longer than the iPhone X, in practice their autonomy was found to be approximately comparable. It is impossible to tell unequivocally that it is better or worse, recognizes the journalist, but if something really has changed, in real conditions of use is almost imperceptible. In any case, there is no iPhone X, iPhone XS nor Max is unable to withstand even two days of use.

Face ID

Here is the same story as with autonomy, complains Miller. Contrary to the manufacturer about improving the speed of operation of the Face ID in the iPhone XS Max, the lock is released exactly at the same rate as the smartphone of the previous generation. However, claims to the interface of the face recognition no. It is still the best method of identification that you can think of.

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