Agency DARPA is one of the key drivers of technological progress in the United States. Generous funding from the Ministry of Defence allows the Agency to conduct a wide range of projects. Here are five key trends that are currently in development.
1. Hypersonic weapons

DARPA is working to create a system to counter hypersonic weapons. The system is called Tactical Boost Glide (TBG), the major element of which is an interceptor missile to reach speeds up to 5 Mach. The project involves Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. It is expected that the prototype rocket will be ready to 2022-2023 year. For the test you intend to use the strategic bomber b-52.

2. Artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence technology in the private sector are actively engaged in the Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, however, the leading position is China, which focused on gathering information about its citizens. In turn, DARPA is working to create AI that operates with smaller volumes of data.

3. The edit genes and create new vaccines

Currently, the development of a vaccine in the United States requires up to 18 months. DARPA proposes to reduce this period to 60 days. This issue deals with the Prometheus program, by which time recognition of infectious diseases can be minimized. Two years ago, DARPA launched a program “Safe” genes, to study the technology of editing genomes CRIPSR, as well as the possibility of disconnection or cancellation of its results.

4. Laser weapons

The Pentagon intends to make it more compact and to equip them with all the basic types of armed forces — Navy, ground troops and aircraft.

5. Struggle with unreliable information

Has become particularly relevant in 2016 during the presidential elections in the United States. Media representatives concerned about the proliferation of fake photos and videos, which are believed to be able to affect the voting results. In 2014, DARPA launched a program Metaphor, which can be used to detect forged images and video and identify their authors.

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