Experts of the analytical Agency Counterpoint conducted a study in which it was found that the market for premium smartphones in India for the year showed an increase of 66%, thereby setting a new record.

Interestingly, in the premium segment in this market dominated by OnePlus company for the last 12 months managed to increase sales by almost half and now occupies about 35% of the segment. On the second and third positions are Samsung and Apple with 23 and 22% respectively.

According to sources, relevant to the Agency, the success of the OnePlus in the first place connected with the sales of the latest generation flagships. The same, however, can be said about Samsung, which improve the performance helped the recent Galaxy Note 10, as well as about the Apple, though in the case of the American company, the engine still made last year’s flagship iPhone XR, which recently fell in price, becoming more attractive from the point of view of prices.

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