What awaits us this year? Our expert Dmitry Bevza took the main trends and the most interesting and crazy devices with the largest exhibition of consumer electronics CES–2019.

CES is the world’s largest exhibition of home electronics, held annually in January in Las Vegas. Once this abbreviation meant Consumer Electronics Show (consumer electronics show), but then the organizers decided to stay on the abbreviated name to make it more business image. And in our opinion, this was done in vain.

CES — it really shows. Big business show. 182 thousands of visitors, and none of them are “street”, for the exhibition must be accredited. Just at CES this year was 4.4 thousand stands placed on an area equal to 38 football fields.

To avoid all this for a few days that the exhibition lasts, and especially to tell everything in one story, completely unreal. So we will focus on the most interesting and try to convey the essence and spirit of the CES–2019.

In addition to its size, CES is famous for three things:

• This is the first major event in the electronics market in the calendar year, and it sets the trends for the whole year. CES as a time machine, shows that this year will appear in the store catalogues.

• Announcements of big companies such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Intel, Google, Amazon and others. The giants of the IT industry show not ready devices and solutions, and concepts that we will see (or not see) in a few years.

• “Crazy” startups. Actually, at CES, comes a lot of startups and small companies. This year there were more than 1200. The projects they represent, are very interesting, sometimes a bit crazy, but very rarely boring. The Eureka Park pavilion, located in one of the most exotic hotels of Las Vegas — the Venetian, it’s always a conference hall and a circus at the same time.

But back to the point. What lives in the consumer electronics industry in 2019, what wonders electronics can we expect and what are the main trends in the next years we saw at CES?

Surprisingly, but at the consumer electronics show was most talked not about washing machines, TVs, laptops or mobile phones (that is, not on consumer electronics). The mantra of the CES–2019 are artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT) and mobile communications a new generation of 5G. Strange it may seem at first glance. Actually, everything is logical.

Small or even significant improvements contributed by the vendors in home appliances, can no longer raise the interest of users for consumer electronics, even down to the level of smartphones. In this situation, the producers decided to make a “knight’s move” and give all your devices a new quality due to the related technologies.

Why would the fridge? For example. Take the TV, connect to it the smart voice assistant (Google, Alexa or Bixby) and air conditioners, door lock, multimedia system, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner, surveillance cameras, air conditioning and so on. In the end we get the home hub, voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI).

“Hey, show me what’s in the fridge”, is included the chamber of the refrigerator that you have remembered and recognized products, even when they put it in the fridge. Consequently, they understand not only what it’s for, and when the term of storage. And this is not chaotic, but in a neat list.

“I need bread, apples, milk, eggs, meat,” the TV makes an order in your chosen store, and you deliver the order.

In the future AI analyzes your tastes and the amount of consumption, shopping discounts, shipping costs and buying your desired products in the right amount, at the right time, at the best price. This is just one of the scenarios. And their could be hundreds.

All your devices, starting from mobile and ending with washing machine, combined into a single network, the management of which belongs to you, but it is the most automated and the most intelligent. The point is to liberate man from the control of routine operations and to offer you the things and solutions that artificial intelligence will deem interesting for you. For example, a new TV series or watching football matches of those teams, which follow and ill, or the menu that opens, near the pizzeria.

The key word in all this — easy. Consumers are not interested in the device for development which need to spend dozens of hours of his time. It is for the intelligence and usability of its solutions and fight the company.

To implement this concept, all consumer electronics need and artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and 5G connection. Without them it is impossible. It is not surprising that a variety of solutions, approximating our “bright future”, was very richly represented in Las Vegas. Amazon and Google openly competed, how many consumer electronics will support Alexa or Google Assistant.

If we talk about the stands of major companies and what they brought to CES, you can start with the Samsung company and held his first presentation at the exhibition. The Koreans have focused on 8K TVs, Micro LED technology and this new area of robotics.

Modular Micro, LED TV, change the configuration, TV wall, spywarebot, exoskeletons for people engaged in heavy physical labor or suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It was all interesting.

So modular screen adapts to the needs of family members showing “to each his own” or one thing together in one large screen.

But looks like TV-wall, demonstrating any visual content, whether it’s TV channel, series, tape Instagram or the schedule of shop work. All can be displayed simultaneously in different parts of the world, or watch a movie/concert on a huge screen. And you can just make the TV “wall” with the fireplace and shelves or art gallery.

How good will real-life exoskeletons Samsung, hard to say, but on the stand they looked quite impressive.

One of the main and eternal rivals Samsung (another Korean company) — LG brought to CES a flexible TV LG OLED TV Signature R, the screen just goes from the subwoofer unit. It was definitely one of the most spectacular exhibits on display. Signature and LG OLED TV R is not a concept but ready to supply to the market model.

Show the design of the stand LG. So that was the entrance to it is:

Generally, TVs with 8K displays super-high resolution showed not only Samsung and LG, but Sony, Vizio, TCL and Hisens other companies.

The picture of these TVs just crazy, but logically the question arises: where to get 8K content if movies, even 4K in the afternoon with fire not to get?

Of course, the producers 8K TVs as everyone knows. Because of the huge attention on the CES–2019 has been paid to the development of upscaling technology, that is software in the TV on-the-fly converts the normal Full HD picture in 8K. Yes, the film is actually filmed in the new format (True 8K), would look better, but in the area of upscaling of the company has made great progress, and looks even a video significantly more advantageous standard Full HD.

If a bit away from the TV (although it’s not quite TV), we remembered two laptops.

Gaming Alienware from DELL c 17.3-inch display. You can choose between versions with the panel format Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) or 4K (3840×2160 pixels). The laptop got graphics accelerator NVIDIA RTX 20 Series and six-core Core i9-8950HK with a nominal frequency of 2.9 GHz and upgrade to 4.8 GHz (in the top configuration). True gaming monster.

But if we talk about the laptop for your everyday needs, we liked the slim and light 14 inch laptop Acer Swift 7 with touch support. Frameless touch screen is 92% the surface area of the cover and protected by impact resistant glass Gorilla glass 6. He also received the Intel Core i7-8500Y generation Amber Lake Y. This chip has two cores (1,5-4,2 GHz) and integrated graphics controller Intel Graphics UHD 615. But the best thing about this laptop is its size and weight: of 317.9×191,5×9.95 mm and weighs 890 grams.

Health Remember also a huge variety of medical, cosmetic and fitness devices, presented this time at CES.

We are very curious it seemed to watch blood pressure monitor Omron HeartGuide. Why? First, to measure the pressure they are using classic technology heart rate measurement with the pump and the air cushion and has been approved by the Ministry of health of the United States as a medical device. Accordingly, there is a high probability that they will reach Russia. Secondly, it is a product of a big company, not a start-up, which still guarantees correct operation of that medical apparatus is very important. Watch wirelessly upload their readings into an app called HeartAdvisor, and they can be transmitted to the doctor using the automatic export to PDF or migrated to new storage medical records Apple. Omron later add a connection to Samsung, Google, Walgreen and other platforms of health data.

First and foremost it’s a tool for hypertensive patients. Then updating the app will allow HeartGuide to measure blood pressure readings according to a schedule or to fix the pressure during sleep, which in turn will help to identify hidden forms of hypertension.

Hello from the future and finally, the most fun part of the show’s Eureka Park and its startups. There was everything there. Futuristic bikes and elektrobayka (they are now does not only lazy, but they look impressive).

Bird simulator. Who doesn’t want to feel like the eagle and soar in the sky!

Personal subwoofer, calling such a vibration through the body that seems that you’re standing on the stage of Wembley stadium during the concert.

Automatic pot of flowers (or something else, for example, salad) with automatic watering, adding fertilizers and private lighting.

Robot-Baker. And he not only bakes the bread himself, but can sell it through your vending machine. Very independent robocar.

Smart toilet for cats, which analyzes the state of the animal (don’t ask how) and transmits the data to the application or the doctor.

In General, we can say that CES–2019 failed. There was everything that we love about this show. A lot of major devices, and a little creative madness.

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