Why the Thumbnails directory in the phone

Few people know that the basis for the Android operating system is Linux. And if you look this OS, you can see in the custom item folder with the same name. In the directory “Thumbnails” store thumbnails of graphic files (images) that at least once were viewed on the device. Accordingly, if the mobile new photo, You see each of them create a drawing that occupies space in memory.

The size of the individual object depends on the “weight” of the original, and averages around 20 KB. But if such objects accumulate a lot, then they can eat hundreds of MB of flash memory. So why it is needed, this folder Thumbnails? Thumbnails allows you to accelerate subsequent discovery of the images. For example, if You quickly flip through pictures in the Galley, in the absence of the sketches instead of content will see a blank screen. Will have to wait a second or two to display graphical content.

That is, then you need to decide what is more important is disk space or the speed of photo browsing. Below we consider several methods of cleaning. How to remove Thumbnails

The procedure is very simple and does not require installation of any additional software. If the Android phone has installed file Manager (file Explorer, ES File Manager, Root Explorer, etc.), it is possible to find the junk folder (most often it is located inside the DCIM directory with photos taken on the camera), select all nested objects to it and remove. Not only “Gallery” is able to “produce” miniatures. This can be done by other applications that work with graphics (photo editors, Instagram). Accordingly, it is necessary to look for “garbage” in different ways, individually in each situation. I recommend to use search: the Second way is connect your phone to your computer and browse through folders on your PC. Safely send them to the Trash. Sometimes they can be hidden. Is already enabled in Windows, the display of such content. Here is a good guide for Windows 7: For the “dozens” of the same essence, but with slight differences — in the control panel you can get through a search, then look for the “Options Guide”. Use in-house or external optimizer. For example, on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in a shell MIUI is already integrated cleaner waste, which copes with the removal of thumbnails. You can also download on your phone any app that cleans the junk — in Play Market is full of such on request “Cleaner”. You should periodically run a scan, because the thumbnails will appear again after the opening of the Gallery. But there is a way to block this process Android. The author recommends: whether to use Apple Pay how to set on iPhone

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It is better to perform steps on the PC, so it will be easier and faster. Connect the smartphone to the laptop via a USB cable, be sure to select the phone mode of data transfer; Find the location of the folder Thumbnails and next to it create a text file: Assign it a name “.nomedia” (this is important). Now eliminate unnecessary directory, and add it to the same location element name “.thumbnails”. It should look like this: it is possible that the operation to create a new text document is not available (missing the desired menu item), then generated the necessary objects on the desktop, and then transfer to your smartphone. After the manipulations the image thumbnails will not be created and wasting space in memory Android device.

It should be noted that some programs for Windows, iPhone is also able to leave behind such traces. The problem is solved in a similar way — using search to find such directories, delete them. Or use the utility CCleaner. Video

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