United company of Coherent | Euronetwork summed up the 12 months 2018 the smartphone market of the southern Federal district. According to tech retailer, the smartphone market was sold 3% more devices than during the same period a year earlier in volume and 19% in monetary terms. For 2018, the region has sold over 3.3 million units in the amount of 52 billion rubles. At the end of 12 months 2018, the trend of increasing the average price of a smartphone remains the same: 15 900 rubles she reached in 2018, while in 2017 — 13 700 rubles, the growth was 16%. The top five most purchased brands in the amount entered Samsung (28%), Honor (17%), Apple (14%), Huawei (7%) and MI (6%). The money Apple (34%), Samsung (30%), Honor (14%), Huawei (6%) and MI (4%). While Honor has increased its performance in units and in money almost 3 times. “The key trends in the smartphone market in 2018 were: growth of sales of smartphones of the middle and high price segments, distribution frameless screens with an aspect ratio of 18:9, development of facial unlock the device, support expansion of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Chinese smartphones continue to increase market share in the southern region, the main role here plays youth brand Honor. We expect that the positive dynamics in the smartphone market will remain”, — said Timur Khametov, Director of macro-region “South” of the United company of Coherent | Euronetwork.

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