To make free transplant between Moscow Central diameters (IDC), metro and CIP passengers will be able once preprogramming your card “Troika”. The service is available in stations, vending machines tickets and a yellow information terminals 20 November.

As explained in capital Department of transport, a new card will be activated automatically. Activation of the Troika is necessary to map learn how to interact with the new tariff menu and record the data on transfers from subway to the IDC.

Before the first trip on the IDC you also need to activate the social card of the student or of the student. For this, you can go to any subway ticket office.

Was previously approved fares for the IDC. The diameters are divided into three zones. Directions to the “Central” area will be equal to the trip on the subway and will be 38 rubles at the rate of “Wallet” the card “Troika”, the area “Suburbs” — 45 roubles. The “Far” zone fare will consist of two components: a valid ticket on the train (23 rubles for each zone to the borders of WDC) plus 45 rubles. As soon as passengers enter the boundaries of the IDC, they’re entitled to a free transfer to ICC, metro and WDC when paying by the card “Troika”.

To pay the fare at the IDC will be valid tickets and commuter trains. The turnstiles at the stations equipped with terminals for contactless payment. Passengers will be able to pay off the cards with PayPass technology and gadgets technology Samsung Pay Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Earlier it was reported that on the website of the Moscow metro appeared in tariff calculator, which can be used not only to build the route taking into account the IDC, but also to know how much will cost the ticket “Trick” the card “Troika”.

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