According to reports by Reuters, a major Russian communication company decided to shift the burden for compliance with the requirements “of the package of laws Spring” on the popular foreign resources.

The authors of the proposal were made by “Rostelecom” and “MegaFon”. They believe that it is necessary to fix the concept of “organizer of information dissemination in the Internet, a controlled foreign person”. And let the law according to which services that fit this definition and are classified accordingly, will be required not only to sign with the Russian communication organizations, contracts for the storage of content, but also to pay compensation in the amount prescribed by law.

Payments are not all industry players but only to those who are taking significant market share.

The document will be submitted for consideration to the government of the Russian Federation, when all the communication companies will agree to it. The initiators of the bill suggest that the proposed amendments can enter into force on 1 January 2019.

If popular foreign services such as Google and Facebook, won’t sign the agreement and refuse to refund payment, Roskomnadzor could limit the speed of access to their resources on the territory of Russia.


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