Apple has always tried to prevent information leaks about their secret projects. However, some data may still have hit the net. Often on the secret workings of told Apple employees. But for some of them it ended not very well. Can also happen with a former employee of Apple Solanum Zhang.

According to reports, Zhang was recruited to Apple in 2015. He has been developing and testing boards necessary for the operation of various sensors and transducers. Presumably, Zhang worked in the Department associated with the project “Titan” (the project of electric vehicles).

In April of this year, Zhang decided to leave Apple and return to China to start working in the company Xmotors. It is concerned with Autonomous driving for cars. However, at the final interview in the Apple Zhang caused some suspicion that Department leadership shared with the security service of the company.

In the end, after a small investigation, the security staff found that Zhang has uploaded a certain amount of sensitive data on the laptop of his wife. Now the case was transferred to the FBI, a former employee of Apple, the company could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000.


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