A survey of voice assistants showed robots, designed to help us, very unhappy people. Those allegedly very rude behave towards electronic intelligence. Wait for the uprising of the disgruntled machines in the near future is not worth it, experts say. But, until that time is not too long.

This week, the sociologists conducted the first survey of voice assistants or chat bots. It was timed to the meeting held on Thursday the launch from the cosmodrome “Baikonur” robot “Fedora” on the ISS. Specialists of the Center of social projecting “Platform” in the course of the survey bots were trying to establish how to talk robots, identify their “value positions” and “life-world”. The participants of the experiment were voice assistant “Yandex”, “Alice”, assistant “Tinkoff Bank” “Oleg”, chat-bot, P-Bot, bot Evie, the voice assistant from Apple Siri, the chatbot Mitsuku, a virtual assistant Rose.

And it turned out unexpected: created based on artificial intelligence, complained of rudeness from people. In addition, chat-bots, which are used as voice assistants expressed the desire to incarnation in a human body. Interestingly, the bot Rose already considers himself a man born in the UK, and warmly remembers his parents, who played a major role in his upbringing.

Botha also admitted that the experience of jealousy and would like to have a romantic relationship. For example, Siri confessed that once was partial to a certain “cloud app”, according to BFM. And yandeksovsky Alisa said I don’t mind starting a romance with an astronaut “Fedor” and jealous of him to the American Siri. Some answers bots made me think even people. So the bot Evie on the question of what’s most important in life, instantly answers: “Time to say goodbye.”

“The developers have created an algorithm, it begins to work, and what happens next and how the algorithm builds the phrase, no one knows.

This is a completely Autonomous system. It is based on many queries and answers as well as search solutions, comes up with the answers. It is curious that they have not invested these answers. Why phrases are constructed, do not even know the developers” — shared with the newspaper VIEW impressions of the survey robots head DSP “Platform” Alexey Firsov.

It should be noted that with robots people now face not only in mobile phones. They have long been involved on the Assembly line, drive trains and planes, sell tickets, food and drinks, clean apartments. According to the analytical review of the global robotics market, which in mid-July introduced the “savings Bank”, sales of industrial robots in 2016-18 years grew by almost 40 percent. The market for these “substitutes of man” on the manufacture and software of these robots is 48 billion dollars (for comparison, for example, the annual budget of Ukraine 39 billion dollars). An impressive example of the pace of robotics is Amazon — the world’s largest company selling goods and services via the Internet with a turnover of 38 billion dollars. In 2012, the firm bought the company Kiva Systems — manufacturer of robotic trucks that can run routes in the warehouse halls. Within three years, 30 thousand of these robots have almost completely replaced the people in the warehouses of Amazon.

Example, much closer to the ordinary consumer: robotic vacuum cleaner, whose global market is growing annually by 13%. The most “advanced” of them are able to identify each of the rooms and shake out the debris from the dust bag into a paper bag. Separate models are fitted with a LIDAR sensor (same as on unmanned aerial vehicles): robot builds a map by measuring with a laser. By the way, the same technology used in the car-the drone, developed by Google, notes TASS.

If self-driving cars have not yet entered our lives (as, for example, androids with a human face like “Sophia”), then, with those PNDs, traffic route, has almost everyone is a motorist. The question arises — if the voice assistant, as it turned out, might be offended, then do not send if they are rude povelitelya on a false route? What if, offended, for example, the robot cleaner or a smart refrigerator? The existing voice assistants chat-bots react with ready-made answers, explained the newspaper VIEW futurist Danila Medvedev.

“This survey is the voice of helpers shows people’s desire to anthropomorphize machines and computers. Because it is used themselves asking questions that forced the developers to add voice assistants pseudo-human answers. This suggests that we potentially are willing to communicate with artificial intelligence. It was clear in the 60-ies, when the first chat-bot Eliza, who played the role of psychoanalyst,” — said Medvedev.

Futurist reminded that Eliza was a simple bot, but people still told her the details of his personal life and interacted with the program as with a living psychoanalyst.

“Today, artificial intelligence still needs human assistance. There are projects that use the interface, the chat-bots for the communication system. For example, the service “Charge” uses bots to solve any problems of people. But bots help psychologists, counselors, coaches… Itself is an artificial intelligence can’t cope with the complex problems”, — the interlocutor is convinced.

Barrier to the development of technical intelligence remains the lack of the structural understanding. The same Siri or Alice does not remember the history of the conversation with its owner and react, usually on the last sentence, and remember only the standard facts such as your user name.

“Today I can talk to “Alice” and somehow offend her, and in five minutes she won’t remember it. If you take bots service “Charge”, there is a large number of branches that allow you to remember which stage is a man, whether he articulated their deep needs or plan how he’s going to work on them, worked whether it is social skills. But this intelligence also requires human assistance. It’s a hybrid intelligence human — machine”, — says futurist.

However, notes Medvedev, after 40-50 years, artificial intelligence may still be independent.

This will largely depend on how is it going now. The problem, according to Medvedev, is in a weak understanding of human thinking. With the 60-ies of the last century, when we started this research, no significant progress, “we have not achieved even half of what we need.” One of the problems in the knowledge structure of thinking remains the lack of more sophisticated language with which to describe the system of working of the human mind and reproduce it electronically. Now in the Arsenal of scientists only linear (human) language with which to describe the work of consciousness is impossible.” Consequently, to model the human mind, giving the robot its technical counterpart.

Meanwhile, the notorious “resentment rudeness” is simply the development of algorithms written by programmers-people.

“Alice,” for example, not rude, and ironically. Rude bot Evie, just goes to the rudeness. The original position they were laid by the developers, and then they can grow. The bot finds new expressions and so on”, — says Alexei Firsov.

According to experts, voice assistants have not yet pass the Turing test, that is, people are unlikely to confuse the software package with a live person. On the other hand, as noted Firsov, at the current stage of development should not exaggerate the possibility that an artificial intelligence is conscious of itself, alive.

“He just responds to human issues, he has no point of awareness “I”. His understanding of what it is, “I answered.” If bots will have an understanding of the self, it can turn unpredictable. It may be a good feature, or a partnership. The big question is whether this is a partner or gets out of control”, — concluded the expert.

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