Apple products, though beautiful, but not always durable. So, “gentle” titanium Apple Card can be covered with stains and scratches, once you put it in an ordinary pocket or purse.

But the company Kerf, which specializiruetsya in the production of wooden accessories, bother about the security of Apple products, presenting wooden case titanium for Apple maps. The case contains no denim, leather and other threat for Apple Card materials, which are featured in the recommendations from the “Apple” of the Corporation.

Accessory Apple Card Case can be made from maple or walnut, with a simple ($39/$49) or processed ($99/$119) wood. In case you can order the application text ($10) or graphic ($20) engraving. Thus, in the maximum configuration Apple Card Case will cost $139.

To extract Apple Card from the case, you will need to move the protective cover and press the edge of the map, after which it is lifted from the case and it will be possible to get.

The design and delivery of accessory takes about 1-3 weeks. Will this accessory is available in Russia — is still unknown.

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