Experts believe that the new iPhone will delight fans.

Expert Forbes Gordon Kelly praised all the recent leaks about the iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and 11 Plus iPhone. According to him, the new line of smartphones Apple looks very impressive and may be one of the most successful in the history of iPhone.

Leaks the last two weeks have indicated that the new iPhone will not only be improved in comparison with iPhone X, but cheaper. It also became known that the available iPhone 9 will truly be edge-to-edge display in iPhone style X thanks to Apple using a special technology.

Kelly believes that the decrease in prices and the launch of three iPhone for customers with different financial capabilities are the right steps by Apple. The company is not abandoning its traditional strategy of sales of expensive smartphones, but this produces a model of the input level. Moreover, this model is made in the updated design, but not in pravesa over the years appearance in the style of the iPhone 6/7/8.

Other analysts support this view. Many experts believe that the new iPhone will be one of the most popular. The greatest success is projected to be available iPhone 9. It is noteworthy that Apple also believes in big sales “nine.” According to leaks, the company has ordered the production of a record number of iPhone 9.

Source: Forbes.


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