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Foreign media drew attention to the scandalous video of the twins from Kazan, where the girls fed the homeless the disabled rolls.

Bloggers adèle and Aline Fadeeva, which regularly publishes pictures of his “beautiful life” and rest on yachts and private jets, rented social video to participate in the marathon

#НамНеВсеРавно2019 organized by the movement “Youth of Tatarstan”. The competition was played XR iPhone, Apple Watch Series 4, the PlayStation 4.

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Publication from ADELYA | ALINA (@adelalinka_life) Sep 2, 2019 at 7:33 PDT

Video 24-year-old sister in the same clothes walking on the streets of Kazan and meet a homeless man in a wheelchair.

“Poor thing! He probably hasn’t ate” — chorus the girl says to the man and order a set of rolls through the app food delivery.

Feed the homeless with chopsticks, twins smiling happily.

“Yes, stray cats may be cuter, but people also need our help, support,” reads the video description.

Instagram users did not appreciate the social video Fahrievich and began to Express their dissatisfaction under the post. After that, Adel and Alina closed comments.

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Publication from ADELYA | ALINA (@adelalinka_life) 1 Sep 2019 at 3:39 PDT

The author of the article on the portal LadBible drew attention to the appearance of the sisters, appeared on a video in designer clothing. Their behavior in front of the camera he called “horrible” and “smug”. The author of the article noted that the man was better to feed a simple food, not rolls. In addition, he resented the comment of the sisters that cats are cuter bums.

“Next time when you want to enjoy a pet cat Thai noodles, remember that homeless people also need food,” he commented ironically the journalist.

British tabloid the Daily Mail drew attention to the fact that the man in the video not an actor, and actually lives on the street.

“Those twins are so divorced from reality that even I do not know how to help the homeless”, — the newspaper quotes the comment of one of the Internet users.

Edition of the Sun called “tasteless” movie Fahrievich a publicity stunt to boost their popularity. As noted in the article, the video has nothing to do with “sincere intentions to help people”.

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