Do not forget the documents in the salons operators.

Employees of one of the salons of the MTS mobile operator in the city of Sochi has thrown out a forgotten client’s passport. Getting rid of the passport was confirmed by the salon Manager, who stated that they do not have the right to store such documents. MTS subscriber has sent a formal complaint to the operator with the aim to deal in unusual situations.

According to MTS, he left his passport in one of the salons of the operator on 1 January 2019. Passport officer to process the documents, which the client forgot about it. The injured caller has recalled the passport in two weeks, when the passport is needed.

When a caller asked the salon MTS, the staff told him that the passport is really for some time been in office. But then managers decided to drop it. This solution MTS employees explained that they have no right to keep the documents and Bank cards. All of these things are usually discarded, said in the cabin.

Director of sales, said that he knew nothing about the found passport. She also confirmed that all retained documents and Bank cards are thrown out.

Customer has reported that the passport was also a number of other documents, including social security number and health insurance policy specifying the number of his cell phone that MTS employees could contact him. Additionally, the subscriber does not understand why the staff of the salon operator didn’t give the passport to the police, and just threw it. In order to understand the subscriber has lodged a formal complaint with the company MTS, which has not yet been answered.

Source: Pikabu.


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