Recently it became known that former Apple employee decided to sue the iPhone maker more than $ 300,000. It also requires the company to 735 share and recognition, one of the authors of five patents.

Darren Eastman worked at Apple until 2014. In Cupertino, he worked on the development of different systems. For example, Eastman is listed among the authors of patents related to detection of errors in the battery. However, the former Apple employee is trying to prove that he owns the idea for at least another five patents. The latter describes the mechanisms of sale of electronic tickets and some of the functions of the service “Find my iPhone”.

In addition, Eastman wants to sue the Apple 735 shares. According to him, the securities had become part of his remuneration under the terms of the employment contract.

However, importantly, Eastman reported adverse climate inside Apple. He said it all started after the head of the company became Tim cook. Former Apple employee says that now the management of the company have little concern for technical errors and omissions in products. First came the minimization of tax deductions and options for a bypass of the law.


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