Not long ago, former employees of Apple, the company he founded his own startup called NUVIA, in which they planned to begin development of processors for data centers. However, Apple filed for a startup to court, accusing his former employee of breach of contract.

Based the claim by Apple is that one of the founders of NUVIA lured them to their new firm on the part of staff. Thus, he violated the noncompete. Besides Cupertino unhappy that NUVIA is the basis of their former chief architect of processors.

However, Gerard Williams III decided not to wait for the decision of the court, and filed at Apple’s counterclaim. He accused his former employer in reading personal correspondence. On these data the lawyers of Apple and built his claim.

While Williams has not provided any physical evidence. However, he notes that cupertinos monitor and check the phone records and text messages of their employees. Thus, the company invades the privacy of users.


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