A former employee of the Taiwanese company TSMC, which manufactures processors, including iPhone, charged with the theft of confidential information. This was written by DigiTimes.

According to one of the managers of TSMC, we are talking about the worker surnamed Zhou (his name is not called). The company believes that he stole secret information about the production of 16 nm and 10 nm processors. This was done in order to get to another plant — Shanghai Huali Microelectronics (HLMC) in China.

Zhou retired from TSMC, but did not get a job in HLMC, because he was arrested. The representative of TSMC also added that the security service of the company itself discovered the leak and reported it to the Prosecutor. After the case went to court, TSMC would not comment on it.

Prior to this, TSMC is already faced with the theft of confidential information. In 2015, former head of the research division of the Lin Mon song illegally transferred Samsung a number of important technological secrets.


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