This year people are waiting for transport reform. If nothing changes, then in July, the city transport will begin to live by new rules. It was originally planned that this would happen back in the summer of 2017, but the then city Manager decided that innovations should be postponed for two years. Judging by how city hall failed to cancel only a single route No. 024, there are doubts that the administration is ready to global reform.

At the request E1.RU Ilya Borzenkov, who for several years was Vice-mayor for economy and Finance in the administration when Arkady Chernetsky, wrote a column about why city hall did not yet succeed to convince the townspeople that they really need transport reform.

In public communication policy is very similar to marketing. Only in politics do not sell goods, but ideas. In a competitive environment, of course: politicians are different, the ideas they have, too, and the public have a choice.

One of the cherished ideas of our city government is a “transport reform”. I must say that I personally don’t care whether it is or not, I drive a car. But I trust the opinion of friends of city officials, says that reform is appropriate and inevitable. In General, the situation as in that joke: Manya agree, you just have to convince Rockefeller (in this case citizens).

For a start let’s simplify the problem. 1. Leave aside branding (the identity of the reformer) and positioning. 2. Try not to lie and not to use manipulation (populism). 3. Neglect competition (politicians with alternative ideas). If interested, we can discuss these details later. Let’s get started!

What does a marketer first? Finds out the needs of the consumers. And offers a product that satisfies these needs, at a price that the consumer is willing to pay. Competent politician similarly finds that people need, and do what they ask, within reason and budget.

That is, if the residents of an Academic forever in the morning traffic, so the decision to make vydelenku for buses will be the passengers of these buses adopted with enthusiasm. But if you go for the budget bill let the light rail, so you do suffer at the hands of.

But sometimes it so happens that the demand is not formed. For success in this situation has to be Steve jobs or Elon Musk. In this case, first a need (window of the world in the palm of your hand or eco-friendly environment), and then offered an unsatisfactory product (smartphone or electric car).

Terra incognita — a slippery thing, so in the US survival of one startup out of ten. It is also difficult to promote a political idea, which is now figure no one wants (because everyone is happy). Therefore, a competent politician first attracted to the idea of the interest of the population, and then her “chew”.

Meanwhile you, my friends-officials, third year, drawing some diagrams, discuss any figures, did not convince the majority of the population in the fundamental feasibility of the reform, without proving its benefits to passengers, not to each other, superiors, subordinates, transport workers, etc.

If Steve jobs promoted his product with the words “you need to buy the iPhone, to repay the losses of my Apple” over him would laugh. Not laughing at you, because you know that you your “iPhone” consumers will still sell and money with their “cards” (the budget) will be written off. And it’s not funny.

This is a monologue, not a dialogue, and if you just want to inform patronized the public about the impending changes, print the decision in “Vecherka” and all. People will read, will understand that this is another “Achtung”, sigh, and dutifully going to do. But you want “love”, want you to understand that you agreed.

Then you must first create a need, and then to explain to people than the current scheme is bad for them (not you) and how your ideas will solve their (and your) problems. Sorry for a drop of cynicism, but the average person problem your budget or your municipal unitary enterprises “interesting” about the same as you — the size of his salary or how many jars of pickles he had prepared for the winter.

Talk to people about them, not about yourself. Tell people what the reform they will become faster to get to work, less to freeze at bus stops, riding sitting, less to pay for the fare. Explain that if left as is, there will come a transport collapse: people will have to walk to work or at an exorbitant price to ride a taxi.

If not, if you carry out reform in their own interest, if you are going to “make people good”, then don’t expect them to love and gratitude. Not because people are inert or stupid. But because instead of solving their problems, you created them new. The truth is, by the way, smart people do not take offense! Good luck.

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