Fortnite – the mega popular video game is finally on Android. But Epic Games has launched a shooter in a unique way that deserves attention, reports TouchArcade.

As it turned out, the developers decided to refuse the services of the digital store Google Play or any other and create your own installer Fortnite. This will allow the company to avoid monopoly Google Play and unnecessary costs.

The fact that, unlike iOS, on Android you can install apps from anywhere. In addition to Google Play, in a network there are several popular sites, like Amazon Marketplace, but all of them, and Apple take 30% Commission. However, these shops are in demand – many developers need to advertise that they provide.

But Fortnite is so well known that it needs Google Play to attract people’s attention. Due to this the income from Epic Games purchases that have already been brought to iOS by more than 100 million U.S. dollars, will increase substantially. Can also decrease the cost of things the game is especially please gamers.

Unfortunately, to do the same on iOS will not work – Apple blocks all third-party stores. Therefore, the developers simply have no choice but to use the App Store. Perhaps this will change someday.


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