A few days ago it became known that Fortnite will soon appear on Android. But as it turned out, the game will initially be exclusive to the Galaxy. As reported by GSMArena, this is a deal the developers of the game and IT giant ends.

It seems that even after the end of the exclusivity period for Note 9, play in Fortnite can only owners of smartphones Galaxy. The shooter will be available exclusively at the store Galaxy App for at least 2-3 months after release on Android.

However, after the deal with Samsung, Fortnite will not appear in Google Play. Epic Games is the developer of the game created your own client, which can be downloaded from the official website. Originally purchase in Fortnite will be tied to the payment system Galaxy Apps.

Perhaps the developer decided to avoid cooperation with Google because of the 30% Commission charged by the company for the placement of different apps. Samsung, typically, takes only 20%, in addition, it is assumed that the IT giant was able to offer Epic especially favorable conditions.


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