Fostex headphones known among fans of Hi-Fi audio, but for the average man they are too expensive and niche. With a smartphone they won’t listen, you need quality audio — and he, too, is expensive. Now, however, the company has expanded the model range of wireless headphones TM2. They will become an alternative AirPods for those who don’t use Apple equipment, besides offering a unique “chips”.

One of the features of the model is the modular design. Headphones consist of two parts — the case and removable bow, which is Packed electronics. The latter is mounted with universal MMCX connectors — these are used in most in-ear headphones with detachable cable. So that they can be rearranged to headphones from other manufacturers.

Inside the case headphone set 6 mm dynamic transducers, reproducing the full audible range of frequencies. For the stability of the reception are responsible Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm chipset QCC3026, and the battery will last for 12 hours of continuous music playback.

Also Fostex TM2 has got moisture protection-standard IPX5, touch and branded app for iOS and Android. The cost of headphones will be around $ 300 in the us market.

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