In the program Apple iMessage for iOS vulnerability found that can be used to gain control over user’s device. This is with reference to the researcher of Google Project Zero, Natalie Silvanovich a (Natalie Silvanovich) Wired reports.

The Silvanovich found the problem, which exploits the logic of the system. It allows attackers to easily extract data from messages of the user. The hacker could send a specially crafted text message to the victim and the server iMessage sent to him in response to certain user data, like the contents of SMS messages or images.

That attack took place, the victim didn’t even have to open the iMessage application. The iOS system there are some remedies that normally block the attack like this, but in this case, the protection system interpreterpath the request as legitimate.

Also the researcher found errors that allow you to run malicious code on the victim’s device, sending it through a message. “In the worst case, these errors are used to harm users,” said the Silvanovich.

She became interested in this problem after recently discovered WhatsApp vulnerability, which allowed the spies to hack the phone, just by calling it, even if the recipient has not accepted the challenge.

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