Staff member of Google Project Zero team found six dangerous vulnerabilities in the operating system iOS from Apple, reports ZDNet. As reported by experts Natalia Silvanovich (Natalie Silvanovich) and Samuel gross (Samuel Groß), these bugs can be operated via the iMessage application on the iPhone.

According to Silvanovich, four found vulnerabilities allows attackers to send malicious code and infect a user’s device without further action of the victim was enough to open the message you received.

Evaluation ZDNet, the bugs found could be sold on the black market for a sum not less than five million dollars (317,4 million rubles). It is assumed that because of the work of vulnerabilities in recent versions of iOS and the ease of infection, the bugs could sell for a sum in the region of $ 20 million (1.2 billion rubles).

It is noted that five of the vulnerabilities were fixed only in the newest version of iOS — 12.4, released on July 22. According to Silvanovich, details one of the flaws in the OS were not disclosed, as even with the latest update it has failed to eliminate.

Earlier it was reported that the found vulnerability in Bluetooth enabled to track the location of devices with Microsoft operating systems, iOS and macOS.

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