Turkish IT expert Melih Sevim said that he found an accessible way to access information on someone else’s IPhone, reports The Hacker News. According to the expert, you just need the phone number linked to the account in iCloud.

Sevim found out that every registered iCloud user can enter in the details of someone else’s phone number and thus access the data of its owner. In the experiment, the analyst was able to view other people’s notes, in which in addition to the personal information contained data on Bank accounts, logins and passwords.

The publication notes that Apple employees on the statement by the Turkish expert has not responded.

The specialists at cyber security company Avast said that Windows users have become more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Experts analyzed 163 million devices equipped with the operating system, and came to the conclusion that almost all users are using outdated versions of popular programs that are more susceptible to outside influence than their modern updates. Experts claim that by using such software hackers easier to “compromise” a computer and use user data.

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