In iOS 12.2 will be more improvements than expected.

In iOS 12.2 discovered another innovation, which Apple first said in the official descriptions of beta versions of the firmware. According to the records found in the blog of the Apple platform, WebKit, Safari browser in iOS 12.2 will get a new function to prevent the smart user tracking. Due to her iPhone and iPad users will not be able to monitor the websites, and the speed of loading a web page will increase.

Starting with iOS 12.2 in Safari, use the updated version features prevent intelligent tracking ITP 2.1. Updated version of the function will limit the storage of cookies on the client side, up to seven days and will not allow sites to use sets cookies collected by other sites.

This will prevented intelligent tracking users of the various web sites that users visit for the first time. The sites do not use cookies to other resources, therefore will not know about the advanced user no information, for example, to provide targeted advertising.

Also a new version of the ITP will reduce the amount of memory that Safari is in store iPhone and iPad. In addition, it should increase the speed of loading most web sites.

At the moment developers and participants in the testing program available for the installation of the third beta of iOS 12.2. Apple released final version iOS 12.2 in March. It is possible that the startup firmware will take place after the presentation of Apple on March 25.

Source: WebKit.


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