From Apple!Sure you know about all the useful applications for Apple iPhone?

Utilities from Cupertino that you can find in the App Store, has 50 pieces. Some of them are installed on the iPhone out of the box, and the rest available in the app store.

Recently I came across an unfairly forgotten by many iTunes U.

What app

Utility is a great tool for learning and self-education. In fact it is a directory of training courses, lectures and podcasts. Here are educational lectures from the world-famous colleges and universities: Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and others.

All materials in the Humanities and technical Sciences, for convenience, divided into several directions. Available in iTunes U lectures on algebra and geometry, physics and chemistry, history and literature. You can find materials on programming, management, journalism, astronomy and law.

Training courses can be presented in the form of text or lectures or podcasts vigoroso. In some cases there are examples and tasks for self-control.

New updated courses, you can add the schedule of lectures in the calendar not to miss the next lesson.

There is a small minus the service

Most of the materials are in English. Here basic level will not be enough.

To fully understand the course, you will have to understand the specific terms and concepts, memorize expressions, which are specific to the selected industry.

Fortunately, there are iTunes U courses in the Russian language. Not so much, but in each section it is possible to find several.

Since the launch of the service in the app library added about a million various educational materials, in recent years, actively began to add courses in local schools.

How much is

The main feature of iTunes U — all training materials are free and available to everyone. You just have to have the Apple device with the app installed.

Just load the program and download any training materials, videos, presentations, or assignments.

Download iTunes U for iPhone and iPad absolutely free.

So you can get a free educational tool for self-development. I think the most useful app for iPhone and iPad from Apple.


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