In 2017 the volume of the market of high technologies accounted for 11% of Israel’s GDP. It accounts for about half of total exports. Of these, about the fifth part is exclusively for information technology ($27,6 billion).

Israel is the second country in the world by number of R&D centers — a total of 330 (second only to the USA). Their development centers in Israel are giants of it world — Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Microsoft and others.

About one in five high-tech asset on NASDAQ or is Israel or has Israeli roots.

In fact, Israel today is pipeline technologies for the world. It is therefore quite logical that for many entrepreneurs, including those in Russia, doing business in Israel becomes a certain benchmark.

One of the largest in Russia and the world corporations for the production of mineral fertilizers has launched this year a venture capital Fund in the agribusiness sector for subsequent sale of products on the territory of Russia, and the first step was a trip guide in Israel, to select the most promising technologies. And this is not the only example.

Business on trust

The first wave of migration emerged in Israel was well represented by immigrants from the Soviet Union. And because it is difficult to be surprised that a Russian in Israel really good attitude. Unlike the Western world, where from time to time you may encounter stereotypes about the theft and corruption of Israeli public opinion about the Russian gravitates in the direction of education and erudition.

Exactly for the same reason, we can speak about the mental proximity between the Israeli and Russian culture.

Israeli entrepreneurs less formal. Where classic European or American company to sign five contracts before moving to the next stage of the negotiations, the Israeli will limit acceptance of electronic correspondence.

This format of behavior and compliance with the agreements, of course, is close to the Russian businessman.

Tip: an Israeli businessman is not only possible but also need to trust.

If an agreement has been reached, there is no doubt that without the supporting documents it will be observed. To spend time on fixing agreed and signed a piece of paper each next step, do not like neither the Israelis or the Russians.

In our practice, such examples were numerous. We partner with technology companies from Israel, and only once (and now our portfolio is about 30 companies and we are actively engaged in the distribution of their products on the territory of Russia and other local markets) from the Israeli side wanted to beat the original agreement.

Honesty is a characteristic of the Israeli entrepreneur.

Despite the fact that the number of startups in this country is really big — there are about 7700 — each of them is the beginning of a technological product, in which invested effort. Because Israeli business — a fertile place for investment.

Dispute for the sake of argument

The Israelis are very tough and successful negotiators are able to achieve their benefits in all situations. In part it is, but it should not be feared, but rather should seek benefits.

The debate often begins and runs for sport. The real reason is not to achieve great success and personal gain, and to negotiate at least a small concession. The pleasure in the process. Torg, despite the stereotype, not meant to be scary.

Tip: with the Israeli entrepreneur need to argue and offer a good compromise.

Moreover, the ability to bargain in itself already speaks of flexibility and willingness to compromise. Rare to find a situation when an Israeli entrepreneur is on his own, not wanting to give in. Rather, he readily agreed to the assignment in exchange for some other preference.

Not just in talks with the founders of startups, we received favorable terms on a share in the revenue in exchange for a mutually satisfactory compromise. And yet faced with the example of the European businessman who can afford to stand your ground even in situation when apparently loses his own gain.

The Israelis believe networking is one of the main factors of the success of their country in entrepreneurship.

That is, the ability together with colleagues, superiors and subordinates to solve complex business issues and to respond to new challenges. In the office of the Israeli company quite a familiar sight when the slave argues with his boss, and the latter agrees with his arguments.

The fact that even for an office level Junior level no authority and over-deference to a superior career, and affects a manner of conducting business negotiations.


When I first start talking to an Israeli, his emotions a little unsettling. However, the increased tone, which can afford in the negotiations entrepreneur — certificate only national traits, but not a sign of a bad relationship.

A cry in the Israeli environment is normal. This form of communication easy to take for swearing, although it is not.

Of course, this is not happening everywhere. If you decide to discuss the details of the transaction — this does not mean that such a conversation will end (or begin) with high tone. However, the expression of emotions with the Israelis found a lot more often than, say, Americans or representatives of Eastern cultures.

Tip: do not think of raising your voice to your account and continue negotiations as if nothing happens.

Besides, such straightness there are positive features. The other side of the same coin is that the Israelites in their mass are seldom prone to sarcasm, avoiding the issue or, despite the stereotype, to answer a question with a question. Business communication starts without a long introductory speeches, and unnecessary phrases.

To resolve the problem quickly and move on — that’s the goal of the Israeli entrepreneur in the solution of any problem.

By the way, exactly for the same reason it is difficult to achieve effective communication with the Israeli business email. But easy — to messengers. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp, and many business issues are resolved in such conversations — it turns much faster.

About the military experience

Military service for every Israeli is not only a responsibility but also a pride. The lack of military experience raises questions about serious health problems — this is the main reason why the Israelis did not serve.

The army in the country of Moses is often a stepping stone to a career. The interview is unlikely to be denied for the reason that someone is not defending their homeland, but such experience would be a plus.

The Israeli army is a special “elite school” with advanced cyberpowersystem whose people then base their technology startups.

In addition, in the army there. Success in the ranks of his colleagues — a great addition to a resume, which will definitely pay attention.

Because talking about this part of life of almost every Israeli, the daily. With that, negotiations can begin and future partners. And to some extent their success can depend on the number of lacek received over the years.

Tip: if the conversation with the man and begins with an exchange of military experience and do not worry, and keep in mind that it may positively influence the course of further conversation.

If you take a few wider, then not only communication, received in the army, but any experience helps the Israelis to succeed. Israel is a country where everyone knows each other, and to SEO of a large company in tel Aviv through two friends can get through a simple clerk from Haifa.

Contact, sociability and friendliness — those features which are absorbed in the country with mother’s milk.

What is the result?

Israel is a country of start-UPS and entrepreneurs. The state literally appeared in the desert, and the locals have learned to capitalize on any available resource. They definitely have national characteristics, which were discussed above. But the main difference of Israelis is the desire to achieve benefits and success despite various barriers.

Therefore, the main Council of the Russian entrepreneur willing to cooperate with Israel is that the latter saw benefit for themselves from such a partnership. In this case you can not turn around nor on the Israeli etiquette, nor even the fact that the working week in Israel starts on Sunday.

In summary, we can highlight some main points again:

The reluctance to sign an interim formal documents does not mean that you want to cheat, but the final agreement needs to be documented.

You should never talk to the Israelis down, even with the younger employees. All are equal, and if you ask for information with the phrase “I’m your investor, you’re obliged to provide these documents”, it is likely to cause an aggressive reaction, and you get nothing.

Faced with increased tone, you should try to answer in the same vein. It is not necessary to suffer and pretend you don’t notice anything, but worsening or more aggressive behavior, too, will bring positive results.

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