If you believe recent rumors, then the official announcement of new generation iPhone on 10 September. In the second half of the month Apple will start selling their new products. Now the partners of Apple, the company preparing to start production of new models. For example, Foxconn is again beginning to hire workers at its plants in China’s Shenzhen.

According to the publication Economic Daily News, the largest contract electronics assembler is not the first year attracts additional staff to assemble the new generation iPhone. Moreover, Foxconn promises to reward all current employees who now extend their contracts, in the amount of 4500 RMB (approximately $ 650).

According to the latest data, in Cupertino do not expect an explosive demand for the next-generation iPhone. Many analysts agree that sales of new products will be roughly comparable to last year’s demand. But experts believe that immediately after the announcement, the demand for iPhone sample 2019 model year will be very high.


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