One of the main disadvantages of charismatic leaders is their indispensability. Apple is Steve jobs. Find second visionary, able to inspire investors, employees and users, is almost impossible. Tim cook can’t avoid comparison with the founder of the company. No matter how he tries, but in five years he never managed to become a full replacement jobs in terms of significance. While bad SEO is not one of them: this year, Apple’s capitalization reached $1 trillion. However, many still believe that the company “eats” the legacy of Steve jobs. Such assessment is the result of a lack of charisma, which is necessary for the head of a technology company, which claims to be the leader in the market.

Death or dismissal of the head — a serious stress for the company. Of course, between the departure of the leader and the failure cannot be equated, but in such a situation, of course, there are risks not only in the field of image and financial performance. It’s hard to imagine Tesla without Elon musk, without Tinkoff, Oleg Tinkov, and “the Magnet” Sergey Galitsky is not the same. The coming of the new visionary, as practice shows, often accompanied by a change corporate direction. This fracture is a serious test for the employees of the company and its business model.

Those who doubt this, it is worth remembering that the young and charismatic Alexander the great gathered Empire 11, his generals began to divide the state for the next year after his death.

Caution: fragile ego
Charismatic leaders are often pronounced egocentric, demanding greater attention. Steve jobs included in the Pantheon of the greatest inventors, along with Einstein and Edison. However, those who interacted with the Apple founder personally, claim that he was not even hard, and cruel — bring important employees to tears, and those who, in his opinion, lagged behind the dynamics — just fired one day. Derogatory treatment, socializing exclusively “you” and a violation of personal space — this is the leadership style of some of the most charismatic businessmen. In addition, such a leader can be vindictive and use the power of his popularity to poison the life of those who, unable to bear such treatment, goes.

Frequent negative result of this style of communication with subordinates — development of the blatant bootlicking and servility in the team, and the heyday of intrigue.

Another important aspect to consider wishing to work in company with a charismatic boss: a leader — almost always a workaholic, which requires from the other. His working day starts before dawn (you know, that the head of Virgin, Richard Branson wakes up at 5 am), and ends sometimes after midnight; internal meetings held after 18.00, in order not to distract from the action, or at the weekend.

Subordinates harizmatika often forget, when I was in full vacation or sick leave. This practice was, for example, a company Razgulay, Igor Potapenko. To be focused on the production process a little, and considered the founder of “Euroset” Evgeny Chichvarkin. He is confident that for the good of the company you need to be a workaholic, which is similar to the one who rides in low gear for the sake of process, and “resultaatgericht” and even “paedagogikum”.

Meanwhile, there are studies that prove that the battle for a result of 10 hours each weekday (50 working hours per week) reduces the efficiency, and at 55 hours reduced to zero.

These reasons of complexity — the downside of charisma which can sometimes be expensive who wants to work with such a leader, especially when it comes to top management positions.

How to work with a charismatic leader

The work under a charismatic leader can be a very effective tool to quickly climb the career ladder. However, we should note that lift can not only quickly raise up, but also collapse down with the passengers. Therefore, it is important to soberly assess these risks, without succumbing to the external charm and charisma. Otherwise, the disappointment may be the least of your problems.

Before entering the Elevator, verify not only its reliability, but also in the fact that it stops at the desired floor. In other words, does working in the company and in the position of your strategic objectives? If you will acquire the competence and skills needed in order to take the next step in your career? What would it be?

Before you change jobs that is all hearsay, you need to collect as much information as possible about a potential employer. This should be done anyway, but in case you are dealing with charismatica, approach to the issue should be especially careful. Need advice and recommendations of the widest possible range of people — ideally 5-8 sources who worked directly in the company or had a partnership with her. The higher the level of source of information, the more useful the data may not be for you. Be sure to ask questions about the company culture, how decisions are made, what is the order of the day, how often is the appointment, the company invested in the development of its employees and to the understanding of its leaders success in business… this will allow you to understand what the company can give you career prospects and what will be the price. You should also gather information about the leader with whom to work. It is important to know how long people work in his team and why usually go away.

If the decision to transition at the beginning of the charismatic leader is still taken, try to track in the media the level of toxicity that is around his name, and the business metrics to know when the time will come from this career lift out.

Deserved laurels

The third point to which you should pay attention to. To build a successful career today, it is essential to form a personal success story. Your achievements should be known not only to you but to the market. But the companies managed by charismatic leaders, the market is inclined to attribute all the credit to him alone. Therefore, taking the decision to move to such an organization, you not only have to wonder — what kind of success you expect to achieve in a new place, but also to think about how his “record” for future employers.

The work under a charismatic leader can be a great springboard for your career. But in order to take full advantage of the opportunities given, you should approach planning your career maximum awareness. This is essential in order to create your own success story

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