Products of the largest manufacturers of smartphones, produced at the dawn of the era of cell phones, and their latest model has compared HI-Tech.

First, the Nokia 9210, was released in 2001. The device runs on the open Symbian OS. After a pause, the company began the revival of the brand HMD Global. The latest gadget of this series, the Nokia 7.1, unofficially known as the “beast of the budget segment.”

Samsung the first Samsung smartphone SPH-i300 was released in the same year that Nokia. He worked for the Palm OS, and had two screens. Color to the images at 160 pixels, black and white to display information about the device.

Newest Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has five cameras. The model operates on an eight-core processor and equipped with a battery of 3800 mAh.

Apple released its first smartphone: the iPhone 2g in 2007. He is “peretoplenym” version of the smartphone Motorola ROKR, which was attended by the company. It was named “invention of the year” and “breakthrough handheld computer.”

The newest Apple gadget runs on the twelfth version of iOS and Apple CPU 12 Bionic.

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