Apple’s suppliers have already started production iPhone 2018. But, according to analysts Morgan Stanley, the release of model with the liquid crystal screen may require more time than expected.

According to the data obtained from the representatives of companies-suppliers of Apple, in the production of LCD screens have problems with lighting. Because of this, the working components of the smartphone will be ready for shipment six weeks later than planned.

Apple, like its partners have more experience with OLED displays than LCD boards. Due to problems with diffusion of lighting and other technological features iPhone frame with a 6.1-inch screen will be more than updated iPhone X, the thickness will be up to two millimeters.

Apple may use the method of production of the LCD screens, which LG has already tested in models G7 ThinQ. Thanks to this technology, the smartphone can transmit a wider color gamut.

Due to the introduction of new suppliers of components for Apple’s gadgets every year, faced with various production difficulties. In 2018, the Corporation Tim cook is planning to release three models of the iPhone, in addition, the company intends to beat its own sales record. Overlays when you execute such a large order is unlikely to avoid.


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