Settlements of the Crimea is gone from the mobile app “Weather” of the American Corporation Apple, the radio station “Moscow Says”.

In the preinstalled app “Weather” in the version of the iOS operating system 12 search for names of Crimean settlements does not give any results.

Thus, owning iPhones Crimeans are not able to find the weather forecast and current weather summary. While earlier it was possible, although the application considered the Crimean cities and settlements belonging to Ukraine.

At the request of the radio station on the reasons for the “disappearance” of the Crimea by the Russian office of Apple did not answer. The reluctance of the Corporation to “make contact” said state Duma Deputy Alexander Starovoitov.

According to him, earlier the company was sent a request to correct the mapping of the territorial jurisdiction of the settlements of the Crimea, but a response was never received.

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