From the Apple Store in 10 seconds made 8 MacBook for $10 thousand the other day, two intruders robbed the Apple store in California. The crime is painfully similar to dozens of similar.

The classic scenario: two guys with hoods on their heads burst into the Apple Store. In just a few seconds sweep the shelves of notebooks and run away.

This time the robbers took eight MacBook, the total cost of which is estimated at $10 thousand.

During the robbery, the store employees decided not to disturb the boys. Stop scammers tried only one guy at the exit, but couldn’t.

Everything happening was on a surveillance camera.

In the US, the looting of Apple stores — the usual thing. Last Friday, in one of the Apple Store in new York took 21 iPhone for $19 thousand

Despite the presence of video, to find the criminals still have not been able.


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