Samsung is starting to spoil. New Galaxy Note 10 may look terrific, but it lacks important features, and work with Fold Galaxy Samsung truly incomprehensible. But now there is New Hope. He writes about this in Fobers Gordon Kelly (Kelly Gordon).

According to recent reports, Samsung is developing its foldable smartphone of the second generation, and he seems to fix all the mistakes of the Galaxy Fold.

In contrast to the Fold which has been designed to phone to tablet in a snap, the new model of Samsung will be a 6.7-inch smartphone, which is formed along the horizontal direction, so it becomes the ultra-compact device when not in use. ET News reports that in the folded position this phone in the form of the clamshell will also have a 1-inch display for notifications.

This format has an inherent advantage because the expanded size corresponds to the biggest premium smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 10 and OnePlus 7 Pro. It also benefits from the point of view of durability because the screen is protected when the phone is closed, the majority of falls occur when the smartphone is removed or clean It also means that you do not need to include a main screen. Samsung display screen + glass touch screen, if required, can be ordered right now.

In addition, despite the big problem of Galaxy Fold, Samsung is fully committed to this model of the next generation. Mass production will begin in November, and the commercial launch is expected in early 2020.

Thus, the success of the Galaxy Note 10 is difficult due to the compromises (and cost), Apple made a mess of the iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4, looking frighteningly similar, Fold the next-generation Samsung suddenly looks quite justify the wait.

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