Greta Thunberg — sixteen ecoactivity, which says the entire Internet. Her speech at the UN summit on climate change went on quotes, memes and even death-metal tracks. A video on YouTube where Greta growled on environmental issues, gained over 4 million views. The Swedish label made him the track and promised to transfer all the money to Greenpeace.

23 Sep Greta Thunberg made at the UN summit on climate change. Its short, tough speech in which a girl accuses politicians of inaction, began to be actively discussed in the network. Some believe that the girl was well done and support ecoactivists, others see it as someone’s project and don’t trust.

You took away my dreams and my childhood and dance. But I was lucky. People are suffering. People die. Devastating entire ecosystems. We are on the verge of a mass extinction and all you can discuss money and tell the tale of endless economic growth. How dare you!

Greta began to make different memes and youtuber John Mollusk put on your channel death-metal version of the speech girls. He picked up the music and put it on Greta the vocals. A couple of days the video has received over 4 million views, and it drew the attention of the Swedish record label Despotz Records. They made from the video of charity single, “How Dare You” — all profits from it will perechisleno in Greenpeace. The song title refers to the exclamation “How dare you!” — the girl several times appealed to the politicians with this phrase.

Greta responded positively to the movie with you and even repostnula it to his Twitter:

According to representatives Despotz Records, Greta speaks better than they or any adult could say. So all they can do is use his platform to spread her words. They also added that Greta embodies rock music at its full value — it is the same hard, uncompromising and not afraid to tell about the most terrible things.

The track made the awesome cover, the appropriate genre — it reminds Greta of the rebels dead. Track available in the Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms. Despotz Records has also launched the hashtag #Greenmetal. They appeal to metal fans around the world to mobilize and take part in the environmental movement.

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