Four hundred thirty five

Before the settlements of the Crimea in this service were called Ukrainian. Now on iOS devices 12 in the preinstalled app “Weather” you cannot add any city of the Peninsula. At the request of the radio station “Moscow speaking” the Russian office of the Corporation is not promptly answered.
Meanwhile, state Duma Deputy Alexander Starovoitov said that the requirement of the Russian Parliament about the correct display of cities of the Crimea Apple ignored. He told radio station “Moscow Says”

“We have made an instruction about the Apple. Instructions to the relevant services in order to identify these violations. If you Google enough immediately made contact and we gave them a month to fix all errors, in a month we promonitorili Google maps and they really removed all these errors, then the Apple touch comes out. Reactions are no no.”

According to Starovoitova, the lack of Crimean cities in the app “Weather” can be part of a General Apple policy in relation to the Crimea.

“The question here is how user: why don’t you show the city and what is the reason? We understand that there is absolutely a distinct component, it is most probably geopolitical. Otherwise they would have made contact and started a dialogue. If they contact you don’t, then it is logical that if they have Apple maps this situation, so they are everywhere this trend, in particular in weather quest will somehow Marauder”.

In early March, the press service of Google said that after a request from the GD, the company has led the local version of their cards in compliance with Russian law.

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