The leader of telecommunications market of the southern Urals company “Intersvyaz” — implemented in Chelyabinsk, the voice assistant Siri from Apple for opening the doors to the entrances of apartment buildings.

As have informed Agency “Ural-press-inform” the head of the information service of the company “Intersvyaz” Julia Mitusova, Chelyabinsk became three times more open to “Smart intercom” using voice commands on their mobile devices. The feature is especially popular among owners of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The IT specialists of the company “Intersvyaz” attribute this to the release of the updated iOS operating system in late September, a seasonal cold snap. South Ural programmers have managed to integrate a system of “Smart intercom” from “Intersvyaz” with Siri and teach her to open the door to the staircase. To use, just say the word personal assistant. Now, coming to the entrance, no need to remove gloves or to figure out where to leave bags, to get the phone out of his pocket. By using shortcuts (program “quick commands”) in iOS you can perform various actions Siri. Today it is one of the most convenient means to perform tasks in programs. The developers of the IT-company “Intersvyaz”, analyzing the actions in the app implemented in iOS, the most popular custom command — “Open intercom”. If desired, the name personal fast commands can be changed.

According to experts, most often when opening the door, users of “Smart intercom” use of the command: “Open my intercom” — to 18.13%, “Open intercom” -15,11%, “Open to me” — 5,82%. Among the rarest of teams: “dad in the building”, “Alohomora”, “Lady, open entry” and “Open the gates”. “The system allows us to analyze what types of devices most often were the opening of the door intercom.

According to head of mobile development teams of the company “Intersvyaz” Rustam Gumerov, in Russia, in particular, in Chelyabinsk, more popular smartphones on Android, not iOS, but all voice commands are received from the owners of iOS. Probably as soon as Google assistant will release the equivalent of “Siri-shortcuts”, the situation will change immediately in the 16 cities where the company operates, where its services are used by more than 300 thousand subscribers.

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